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One of our main products is our website design and publish service. We start from scratch on each one instead of using templates to make every website unique to the buyer. Each website is custom made to the customers requirements.

If you need a logo creating, or updating then we can help. You can start by telling us your ideas or concept art, and we can have a logo made within days. If you have an old logo that needs updating to bring it back to life, then we can help with that too.

Business cards say allot about you, so make sure they say the right things. We can not only design what the card looks like, but also hand select the type of paper and finish you want. Not only can we produce single and double sided cards, we can also make folding cards with information on the inside too. The price for cards depends on the quantity you require and the design involved.

We not only made custom lighting for your room, but can also install on-site. If you want something different with your lighting then contact us with your ideas. From simple white bulbs to multi coloured LEDs we can help you design and make a lighting solution for you. Prices vary, contact for a quote.

Our 3D printer has a build volume of 458x305x508mm. We can print using PLA and ABS. The files to be printed can be send over in an ‘STL’ file, or can be designed in house. Again, prices vary on the design, size, and quality of the print.

Using a quad-copter we can capture photos and video from the air. This can only be carried out in certain locations due to restrictions - but most areas should be okay and flyable. For still photos from the air, prices start from £80

If you need a custom clock making - of any size or shape, then we can help design and manufacture it. A custom public clock can really draw peoples attention.

We can custom print T-Shirts, Polo Shirts and Sweat Shirts in full colour. Designs can be placed on the front, back and arms. Prices start from £40.

If you need signs - inside or out then we can design and manufacture them at a competitive price. Prices vary depending on the design work and manufacturing processes.

We have a laser engraving machine which is capable of engraving text and images. Images that are in colour are engraved into a grayscale image on the selected material. We can etch into wood, we can etch and cut paper and card.

We also have a CNC machine which is capable of engraving into and cutting metal and wood.

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