Radiography Safety Systems

We have experience in designing, installing and maintaining radiography control systems in the UK. We have designed systems before that can handle multiple sorts of X-Ray sets and that can also automatically detect gamma and X-Rays.

The above picture shows most of the different types of systems we can install on the outside of an operating radiation bay.

Our systems are 100% fool proof and cannot be bypassed. Upon a door opening any operations are cancelled, the system will not operate unless all the keys are in the exchange and keys will not leave a lock unless the lock is locked.

Other systems can be installed including an emergency stop button and or cord around the entire room inside and out.

Our system will be designed around you and your needs and will pas any inspections you may have regarding the safety systems.

Example.png Warning Siren Light Box with Text Warning Lights Key Controlled Doors Key Exchange Control Box Gamma Wind Out If you are interested, please contact us. Home
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